Suresh Rajapakse – Dentist

Suresh and Katie

At Otago, Suresh completed 2 years of an undergraduate Bachelor of Biomedical Science followed by a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) with credit in 2011.  Before joining The Wellington Dental Practice, Suresh spent 8 years at a well-respected practice in Whanganui honing his skills so successfully he took on the role of Principal Dentist in his last 2 years there.  This role allowed him to act as mentor to new graduates as well as treating more complex cases.

Entering the world of dentistry after graduation is intimidating – without proper guidance one can quickly become overwhelmed.  This is why Suresh is so passionate about mentoring and guiding the new generation of Dentists on their path to success.

Knowing how quickly technology changes and that the future of dentistry lies in these technological advances, Suresh has dedicated a great deal of time to advancing his knowledge in the areas that interest him most.  CEREC (CAD-CAM same day crowns), endodontics (root canals), and removable prosthodontics (dentures) are particular favourites of his.

Suresh is enthusiastic about volunteering and has spent time in Cambodia providing dental treatment to those in need.  Now he is back in Wellington, Suresh hopes to spend time at the DCM free dental clinic providing treatment to the homeless, which is a cause that is near and dear to The Wellington Dental Practice.

Outside the office one might overhear Suresh giving free dental advice on the chairlift at Turoa, perfecting his crow pose at yoga class, or passionately supporting both the Blackcaps and Sri Lankan cricket teams – don’t ask him to choose, he just can’t!