Jeffrey Annan – Dentist

Jeffrey Annan
Jeff and Jodie

Over the course of his 40 year career Jeff has derived great pleasure using his conservative approach to dentistry to provide lasting results, which has seen dentition, and his relationship with patients stand the test of time.

As the longest serving member of The Wellington Dental Practice, Jeff brings a level of expertise and wealth of knowledge that only a lifetime in dentistry can provide.  This knowledge was put to use when the New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA) commissioned Jeff to co-author a book called ‘Self Care for Dentists” – A guide to aid dental professionals in ways to enhance their role and work environment.

Considering the amount of time he has spent working with the NZDA and Dental Council of New Zealand, it was not surprising, though no less an honour, that Jeff was awarded Honorary Life Membership by the NZDA in 2000.

When Jeff isn’t changing the face of Dentistry in New Zealand, you’ll find him enjoying is favourite pastimes which include gardening, golf, running, and spending time with his grandsons.